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  • Orangutan – Where to See In The Wild?

    Introduction Orangutans are great apes, as opposed to monkeys. These animals come from tropical forest areas in Sumatra and Borneo/Kalimantan. Based on these origins, orangutans are then divided into two sub-species, namely the Sumatran Orangutan and the Borneo Orangutan. Fyi, orangutans are primates that have a lot in common with humans. According to research, human and orangutan having 97% of DNA… Continue reading "Orangutan – Where to See In The Wild?"

  • Borneo Rainforest Endemic Animal

    Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei share the island of Borneo, one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. Inside the dense and often unexplored rain forests live elephants, deer, tigers, primates and several other types of plants, insects and birds. Discover our favourite animals in Borneo and where to see them below. Proboscis Monkeys The Proboscis monkeys are one of the endemic… Continue reading "Borneo Rainforest Endemic Animal"